Initiated in 1997 and set within the misty hinterlands of Ubud, the Mason Elephant Park was created in response to the devastating situation in Sumatra where rampant deforestation and poaching has dwindled the native elephant population. Our multi-award winning park is Bali’s only dedicated elephant rescue facility, and is home to 32 critically-endangered Sumatran elephants, 6 of which were born here. The park provides guests with the rare opportunity to interact and learn about these gentle giants while giving our healthy herd a comfortable and safe environment to call home.

The park is set within 4 hectares and has been carefully landscaped to mimic the original habitat of our elephant’s native home in Sumatra. The location in central Bali was also chosen for its cooler climate and lush environment, which helps to keep our elephants cool and comfortable in this tranquil landscape. We do not use brutal or cruel training methods, as all training is by repetition, reward and patience.

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