One of the newest white sand beach tourist destinations in Bali, which is located in the southern part of the island of Bali and is trending to be visited by Indonesian tourists, is Melasti Beach Ungasan Bali. Melasti Beach in Ungasan Bali was previously under construction. Such as road construction, and construction of supporting facilities for coastal tourist attractions. However, the construction process is now complete. Making the Melasti beach attraction in Ungasan very comfortable for visitors.

Melasti Beach in Ungasan, was once included in the category of one of the hidden beaches in the southern part of Bali. Because the location of the beach is behind a towering limestone hill. Before there was an asphalt road that splits the limestone hill as it is today, to get to the lip of Melasti Beach Ungasan, visitors had to descend and climb hundreds of stairs. Because of the isolated beach location, not many tourists know about Melasti beach in Ungasan.

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