Yeh Leh Beach is one of the beautiful and very enchanting beaches in Bali, the beach which is located in the middle of the border between Tabanan and Jembrana is indeed not as popular as other beautiful beaches in Bali such as Kuta beach, Sanur beach, and other beaches.

This beach with natural rocks does have a distinctive look that distinguishes Yeh Leh beach from other beaches, usually the beach is more synonymous with the beauty of its white sand. However, this Bali tourist spot has thousands or even millions of natural rocks that make Yeh Leh beach different from other beaches in general. In addition to having a beach with very clear water, this tourist spot in Bali has the beauty of the rocks that are very enchanting and amazing for the eyes of the visitors.

The beach, which is located along the Gilimanuk Denpasar highway, has not been visited by too many tourists visiting Bali, besides being very virgin, this beach is also not widely known for its existence by traveler lovers visiting Bali. With beaches that are still very well preserved for their beauty and naturalness, Yeh Leh beach can also be used as a tourist destination for those of you who like fishing activities.

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