Yeh Buah Waterfall is located in the middle of Jembrana Regency. Precisely in the District Medoyo which is 27 kilometers from the city district. Yeh Buah Waterfall has its own uniqueness. From below, you can see sedimentary rocks that are layered vertically as high as almost 10 meters. The water doesn’t flow too fast, that means you can enjoy the running water in a relax way. When it doesn’t rain, the water flow is very clear and fresh. However, when it rains, the waterfall will bring soil and turn yellow.

Access road to Yeh Buah Falls is indeed unusual. For you who like trekking, then you can enjoy the trip to this tourist spot. After stopping in the parking lot, visitors should walk across the uphill and downhill roads. Even so, the path can be easily accessed. To be more comfortable in going through the path, it is better to wear safe and comfortable footwear.

Around the waterfall is overgrown with many plants. Not far from the location of the waterfall, there is a drinking stall. If you like coffee, then you can order it at this shop. While listening to the patter of the water falling from a height, a cup of coffee and snacks will complete your vacations at Yeh Buah Waterfall, or also known as Grojogan Waterfall.

The water in this tourist spot has a large discharge during the rainy season. But in the dry season, the water flows clearly. The amount of water in rivers is influenced by the forest around the river. To keep the forest green, the water sources on the hills around Jembrana Regency continue to flow. Protecting the forest is indeed very important, because it’s a habitat of various organism.

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