Cliff JR is a name pinned on a hill by youths in this area, JR stands for youth meeting, this place is often used by the village youth community known as Sekaa Teruna Teruni to hold meetings at this place. The place is beautiful and offers beautiful and interesting views, so creative ideas arise from the local youth community to package this place into a contemporary tour that can offer new recreational areas for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

JR Jembrana Cliff Peak opened in January 2017, located in Pancaseming hamlet, Batu Agung Village, Negara. The creative idea of Sekaa Teruna Teruni “Budi Sastra Pancaseming” finally materialized, making this place a new tourist destination for young people or those who like to take selfies with beautiful and instagramable views from the top of the cliff. The Island of the Gods Bali is indeed famous for its natural beach recreation areas as many South Bali tourism areas offer, the presence of places such as Puncak Cliff JR being an alternative tourist destination besides the beach, able to provide different treats with natural nuances that are still natural and still virgin.

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